Wake Up America

Do we, as Americans, have no choice but to stand by and wring our hands as our country is driven to ruin by a president and an administration who obviously have no common sense and dubious plans .

Is this how people from other countries, countries once successful and now totally in ruin, is this how those people felt. Did they too watch, thinking “someone will save us. Something will change,” right up to the moment when total collapse took over.

Our debt is now so big we can’t even wrap our brains around it. It is so big we can’t think about it…so we don’t.

How much more evidence do we need? We’ve watched government take over industry and banks. Did you ever think you would see this happen?

We know about the involvement between Acorn, The Service workers union and Obama’s election. About the taxpayer money which has been used and which continues to be used to play the games to make things happen which the administration and Obama need to have happen.

We know about Barney Frank and his boyfriend’s involvement in the mortgage industry. We know about Chris Dodd and his special deals with the mortgage companies.

We know about Charlie Rangel and the investigation which cannot seem to get off the ground.

We know about all the tax cheats in Obama’s cabinet and his czars with no expertise, just a name on the payroll.

We have seen Obama run down our country and apologize for all that we are, in every country he has visited.

We have listened to lies from Obama, lies from Biden, lies from Polosi.

We have seen their back room tactics working within the media to ridicule anyone and everyone who does not agree with them.

We have watched as the left wing media has failed to report anything except that with which they can glorify Obama.

We watch as Obama and his group fixate on killing small business in this country because not one of them has ever done anything in life related to business. All they know is government and the grand life they can have at the taxpayer’s expense. They don’t even realize that they are killing the goose that lays the golden egg and that when Capitalism dies so too does their golden lifestyle.

Wake up America. We must stop this now, while we still have enough left to rebuild on. In three years we will have nothing.

And there are the questions which should have been asked and answered long before Obama was allowed to run for president.

Questions about his relationship with Bill Ayers.

Questions about why he attended the church of Rev. Wright all those years and listened to the hate directed against America.

Questions about who he really is, where he really was born, what his religion really is.

And questions about how a poor student, without enough money for a hotel room was able to take a trip to Pakistan and Indonesia in 1981. Lots of strange things going on and strange people in Pakistan at that time.

America are you really comfortable with all this?


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