This Must Be New!

My husband and I were married on January 11, 1992. By March of that year I was feeling a little off so my sister thought I might be pregnant. I didn’t think so but I took the test anyway. To my surprise I had the pink dot. Unbelievable, we hadn’t even been married for two months yet. When I went to the doctor I found out that I had gotten pregnant right away. In fact our baby was due on our nine month anniversary.

I had been told when I was eighteen that it would be very difficult for me to get pregnant because I had polycistic ovaries. Obviously, that was a mistake. My doctor was amazed that I was pregnant without any kind of medical intervention. My pregnancy was not an easy one and I ended up being on bed rest from my fifth month on. Finally, on October 20, 1992 my doctor decided to induce me which didn’t work so at 10:00 pm that night he said we needed to do a c-section. They tried to give me an epidural which didn’t work and they finally put me under general anesthesia. At 10:36pm that night I had my beautiful little boy Rian. He had white hair and fair skin and beautiful blue eyes. We were so happy and felt so blessed.

In 1994 we decided to start trying for a second child because it had been so easy with Rian we thought it would be this time as well. I got pregnant right away but lost the baby at five weeks. We continued trying and finally I got pregnant again in 1998 but lost that baby at five weeks also. After that I took about a six month break and then in 1999 my doctor put me on fertility drugs. That whole year we did shots, graphs, charts, invasive tests and it seemed like everything else under the sun, but no baby.

We finally gave up trying at the beginning of 2002 because our son would be ten that year and seriously after eight years, two miscarriages and feeling like a lab rat I was really emotionally shot. We adjusted to giving up on the ideal of having a large family and just enjoyed our son and the thought that in a few years we would have some time alone. We have never been alone because we only knew each other for a few months when we got married and then I was pregnant immediately after that.

In February of 2004, I got a horrible stomach virus. I was so sick that I couldn’t even stand the thought of food or any kind of odor. I was working at the time and trying to do my job and not run to the bathroom to throw up every few seconds. I finally told my boss on a Friday that I couldn’t take it anymore and I was going home she asked if I was pregnant and I said no, not a chance. My sister also asked me if I was pregnant that day and I started wondering if maybe by some fluke I was. I then decided that no that wasn’t even possible.

February 22, 2004, I finally broke down and bought a pregnancy test. Now I have probably taken a hundred of these in the previous eight years we spent trying to have a baby and I was used to the constant disappoint. I was so anxious about this one though that I took it in the bathroom of the store. I got one line and then I got a second line. Looking at it I thought oh, this must be a new kind of test that you get two lines if you aren’t pregnant. So I read the directions again and then I started shaking. My word, I was pregnant at 33 with and 11 year old! Was this some kind of joke? I had already adjusted to not having more children. We had our lives planned out already. Seriously, pregnant now? Why not two, four, six or even eight years ago? I cried all the way home and was still sitting in the car crying when my husband came out to check on me. I shoved the stick at him and he said “are you pregnant?” All I could do was cry and nod. I was so shocked that all of my emotions were all messed up. About an hour later I became so excited and told him I want to name this baby Morgan.

When I went to the doctor I had to laugh when she told me the due date, October 19, 2004. My children would be born 11 years and 364 days apart. I guess that just proves the saying that you can makes plans for your life and then God will say oh, by the way here. I had a pretty non eventful pregnancy this time around and was able to work until mid September. I did spend the whole time worried every day that something would happen to this miracle that we were given. Our beautiful little girl was born on October 1, 2004, by emergency c-section. She is the total opposite of her big brother in every way. Morgan has brown curly hair, brown eyes and very dark skin. She looks a lot like her dad and Rian looks like me.

We look a little funny in family pictures because now our son is taller than we are, but they adore each other. Fortunately we don’t have the squabbling and one child saying you treat him/her different than me. If one of my kids says that I can just say well, duh!


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