Socialism, Yes or No?

As we go throughout our day, almost every American can turn on a TV and see something about Universal Health care in the news. Universal Health care, many people have debated, is one of the most controversial topics in recent years that involves every single person living in this country. What does this mean for us? The Universal Health care is said to give coverage to the 40 plus million who are uninsured.

Their are a few problems that any person can see if they look enough into it. First, lets look at the statistics. A very large percentage of the uninsured are, for the most part, healthy young adults that either do not feel they need it at this time or is just spending the money on something else. Another very large percentage of the uninsured are those who are unemployed, with many of them, on government programs already and not looking for a job.

The American Dream has extreme value to this country and has for hundreds of years. We are a free society and chooses what we want or don’t want. Our constitution specifically states the powers that the Federal Government has; and nowhere in the constitution or any other government document does it give power to the Federal Government to impose health care on us whether we want it or not. With Universal Health care and the other government run programs we have, anyone can easily assume we are on our way towards Socialism. Most of the current administration is for Socialism, but we must make a stand against this. Having government run programs completely goes against the principles set by our founding fathers.

A free enterprise system is that only system that has successfully worked because the power lies with the people. Just because we are in a bad situation, it is not anything that we can’t get out of. When talking about our country, America stands for freedom. The freedom of choice, individualism, and the American Dream. Universal Health care and government run programs such as food stamps, welfare, etc., must be stopped to that the American Dream can continue.


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