Social Integrity

The term social is associated with society.
Society is a number of people knit together by a common factor- Humanity.

Integrity in general is oneness, togetherness, completeness of the 
society. Therefore, integrity starts with the human, and moves to 
humanity, and then on to society, changing by a large margin at every 

A superficial view of social integrity is the smooth functioning of 
society without any barriers.

However, this is an ideal situation and so impossible to achieve 
completely. The situation might keep improving, but that’s about it.

The barriers which tower over all others, and keep relentlessly 
mutilating social integrity are, Religion, which gives rise to 
communal hatred. 
The caste system, which gives rise to discrimination.

Religion and caste are concepts which can not be altered. They have 
been fed into the people much before they could understand anything 
To a lot of people, faith and religion are motivating forces, positive 
energies which drive them on. 
Pillars which support them, and hands to push them forth.

People of the same faith exist in discrete circles, or in sub-societies. 
Geographically or occupation-wise, they may vary, but at heart they 
are the same. That is why, irrespective of where they live or what 
they do, a Hindu is always a Hindu. A Christian is always a Christian 
and so on.

Most humans wear the caste mask. Either they do not want to remove it, 
or they can not. Either way, they don’t.

Why should they remove the mask, which defines them, and places them 
aptly in the society? Their fathers, have worn it, and have passed on. 
Their fathers’ fathers have worn it, and have passed on. Why not them?

Most backward castes or classes are financially downtrodden. Doesn’t 
their caste indicate their financial status? Yes, they are low. So 
what if they are low? 
Existing with only the bare necessities of life is saintly, yes, Ascetic.

People ask me to try it then. They ask me, if I can live like the 
beggar on the street with just the bare necessities. I cannot do it. I 
can not live like that. I have not been groomed to live that way. The 
man on the street, he does it. He can and does exist with almost 
nothing, and i envy him for it.

That is the difference between him and me. That is the difference 
between humans-and humans.

Therefore, Social Integrity is a lost cause. It cannot be achieved. 
But arming ourselves with optimism and effort, we can better it. Work 
towards it. It’s like working towards infinity. (Infinity and beyond, 
to quote a cliché)

Though we are all of different religions, the essence is the 
same- faith.

Though we are all of different castes, the essence is the same-humanity.

Let us embrace our faiths, wear our caste masks, and prey on the fact 
that we are all one- The Fragments of Humanity.


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