Wake Up America

Do we, as Americans, have no choice but to stand by and wring our hands as our country is driven to ruin by a president and an administration who obviously have no common sense and dubious plans .

Is this how people from other countries, countries once successful and now totally in ruin, is this how those people felt. Did they too watch, thinking “someone will save us. Something will change,” right up to the moment when total collapse took over.

Our debt is now so big we can’t even wrap our brains around it. It is so big we can’t think about it…so we don’t.

How much more evidence do we need? We’ve watched government take over industry and banks. Did you ever think you would see this happen?

We know about the involvement between Acorn, The Service workers union and Obama’s election. About the taxpayer money which has been used and which continues to be used to play the games to make things happen which the administration and Obama need to have happen.

We know about Barney Frank and his boyfriend’s involvement in the mortgage industry. We know about Chris Dodd and his special deals with the mortgage …

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Social Integrity

The term social is associated with society.
Society is a number of people knit together by a common factor- Humanity.

Integrity in general is oneness, togetherness, completeness of the 
society. Therefore, integrity starts with the human, and moves to 
humanity, and then on to society, changing by a large margin at every 

A superficial view of social integrity is the smooth functioning of 
society without any barriers.

However, this is an ideal situation and so impossible to achieve 
completely. The situation might keep improving, but that’s about it.

The barriers which tower over all others, and keep relentlessly 
mutilating social integrity are, Religion, which gives rise to 
communal hatred. 
The caste system, which gives rise to discrimination.

Religion and caste are concepts which can not be altered. They have 
been fed into the people much before they could understand anything 
To a lot of people, faith and religion are motivating forces, positive 
energies which drive them on. 
Pillars which support them, and hands to push them forth.

People of the same faith exist in discrete circles, or in sub-societies. 
Geographically or occupation-wise, they may vary, but at heart they 
are the same. That is why, irrespective of where …

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America the Free?

Why does our society try to hold us back? We are Americans. Have we forgotten what that means? In the days of our founding fathers, it meant freedom. Freedom to become better than what is expected. Freedom to learn from our ancestors mistakes. Freedom to acquire the knowledge to make our own decisions. Freedom to express ourselves. Freedom to fight for our beliefs. Where has that Freedom gone? We are now in a form of slavery. We are oppressed. The oppression is of our own making. Our school system is teaching our children not to think for themselves, but to follow the standard, which happens to be substandard nowadays. As adults of this type of education, we go through life just doing the bare minimum we can get away with. Anyone who tries to climb up and out of the standard is ridiculed. The rare few who gain the knowledge to control their own destinies end up working for the system or corporation and then are told what they can or can not do. Our children today are not given the chance to succeed. They are taught what society wants them to learn. They are told what society wants them …

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This Must Be New!

My husband and I were married on January 11, 1992. By March of that year I was feeling a little off so my sister thought I might be pregnant. I didn’t think so but I took the test anyway. To my surprise I had the pink dot. Unbelievable, we hadn’t even been married for two months yet. When I went to the doctor I found out that I had gotten pregnant right away. In fact our baby was due on our nine month anniversary.

I had been told when I was eighteen that it would be very difficult for me to get pregnant because I had polycistic ovaries. Obviously, that was a mistake. My doctor was amazed that I was pregnant without any kind of medical intervention. My pregnancy was not an easy one and I ended up being on bed rest from my fifth month on. Finally, on October 20, 1992 my doctor decided to induce me which didn’t work so at 10:00 pm that night he said we needed to do a c-section. They tried to give me an epidural which didn’t work and they finally put me under general anesthesia. At 10:36pm that night I had my …

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Understanding Jaundice

Jaundice is an often little understood condition that is found in most newborn children. For new parents this can be a scary proposition but can, fortunately, be taken care of quickly and safely. For adults with jaundice, it can simply be scary.

What is Jaundice?

Jaundice is a condition that creates a yellow pigment in a person’s skin, mucous membranes and the white in eyes. Most newborns have at least minor jaundice. The yellow pigment is created by bilirubin. This is a byproduct of dead red blood cells.

The normal human body processes about 1% of its red blood cells every day. These cells are processed in the liver and leave the body through normal waste paths.

When the human liver is unable to process the dead cells fast enough bilirubin begins to accumulate and cause the yellow tint.

Newborn Jaundice

Newborns are recovering from birth. The amount of dead blood cells is simply too much for their undeveloped livers to handle. Bilirubin begins to accumulate quickly.

Depending on how strenuous childbirth was, newborns may face several days with the effects of jaundice. Premature babies are at the highest risk for jaundice.

Not until the baby is eating and stooling …

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