The Issue of the Old and the Young

It always starts with the kids. Everything depends to the kids. The future is in the hands of the kids. Rizal said that the kids are the hope of our mother land. There are special rights for kids. And the United States and the some countries in Europe have so many rights for kids. Education in other countries are specially designed and being improved especially for kids.

We are too far behind. It almost seems impossible for us now to cope with the forerunners in development. This is especially because we are too far behind in taking care that our kids will have a bright future. Our government doesn’t give much focus to education. According to the economists on television, economy in the Philippines is going up. But the masses don’t feel it. Only those who are rich and in power are enjoying the fall of the dollar rate. The Philippines is still a poor country. And our debt is growing though the government keeps saying that we are making improvements.

It is hard to be ideal in this country when you know that the best way to survive is through being practical. In every aspect of life, in every …

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What is America?

A symbol is a figure, or an object which epitomizes a feeling that cannot be seen. Each person has their own characterization for a specific emotion. America to me is a land of freedom, and diversity. The symbols that embody my image of America are the ocean, the symbol of peace, and the Liberty Bell. These images incite a sensation of freedom, harmony, and opportunity. I believe that these objects reflect on the sentimental feeling of America itself.


The ocean possesses a vast and striking appearance, which represents the diversity in America. Over the years, many immigrants have crossed over the great oceans, making their way to the soil of freedom. These individuals have formed their legacy, passing it on from generation to generation. Many different people, each possessing their own unique story, but share a similar goal to find independence, and liberty. To me, this form of unity is what America is all about, bringing people from all over the world, each with their own culture, and allowing them to live together in unison. If you take the time and actually look around you will notice that this cultural diffusion is fairly evident especially in the school …

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Socialist Appeal

Marx wrote the commercial and men like Stalin, Mao, Mussolini, Castro, Hitler and Pol Pot actually made the product. As anybody who has been on this planet for more than a few years can attest, the difference between the commercial and the product is a given. Carl Marx did not have to deal with any real world conditions when he wrote the commercial. His only objective was to make the product look desirable. He does appear to have succeeded there.

Socialism is a vice that masquerades as a virtue. I have no doubt that its practitioners are honest in their belief that they are doing a great good for the whole world. They are saints in their own eyes. That belief is what makes them so strong and so dangerous. The argument always seems to turn back to doing socialism right since nobody has followed the blueprints of Carl Marx to this point in history.

Although Socialism pays lip service to community, its practice is atomic and utilitarian. Subjects of socialism are labor units called workers. A worker can never be promoted to the level of a slave. When a labor unit wears out, it can be discarded and …

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Light Side of Politics; Obama Has the Skill of a Basketball Player, Tea Party Get to the Gym

Well the Grand Ole Elephant might need agility to deal with Obama, he exudes the eloquence, touch and skill of a hoopster. He might get stitches every now and then, but French president Sarkozy collapsed whilst jogging.


This guy can rebound quickly with minimum time spent sulking, they teach this to ball players if you have no idea. Before he was president, he lost by 61 percent to Bobby Rush, he is not just a physical ball player, he is also mental one. Loss did not stop him, he rebounded to become president. Keep in mind his name, Islamic paternity and race.


This is a key trait for ball players, to move at the speed of lightning. Whilst most politicians were debating about his race and practical viability to the status quo, he had dribbled past them by carefully planning his game and strategy, what is a game of hoops without strategy. Barrack means blessing in Swahili and lightning strike in Hebrew. John McCain can relate to the later

Defense or offense

Man to man, John McCain left in the dust, zone defense, the democratic primaries are claimed. What the Republicans don’t realize is that Obama will surely work some zone defense. …

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Bloggers, Politics, and a Need for Civility

In recent years the internet has grown larger; more advanced, and has taken on many roles to fulfill people’s needs. One of those needs is opinion and commentary on current issues and events. Bloggers post their views on a news headline or any topic of interest, and readers respond. This is not journalism, however, but it is becoming the key source for news and information. Websites, or blogs, are far and wide in variety, and the quality is questionable. Unlike journalist, a blogger has zero accountability, aside from viewership. Sometimes there’s more venom in a blog than there are facts. The future is unknown for this new medium, but it’s on fire and spreading.

Bloggers have increasingly dictated the tone of political discourse in the younger generation. While most seniors have stuck with their local newspapers for their news, middle age citizens are increasingly joining their younger counter parts in the blogosphere. As a filling the need for opinion. It increases the participation of viewers by allowing them to instantly respond through posting comments to each article.

Traditional journalism still has its place in bringing the news to society, but they’re no longer the sole source. But unlike journalists, blogs …

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Summer Gout Issues

Gout is not an easy illness to deal with. For one thing, it sneaks up on you in the middle of the night. For another, it can forever alter what you are allowed to do, drink and even eat. However, avoiding a second flareup is usually an important issue once you’ve had the first one.

Summer poses an extremely difficult time to keep gout under control. Almost every activity you may wish to take part in can pose a problem. Even the weather can turn against you. Here are a few reminders, and possible ways around them.

Beer: This favorite drink of hot weather poses two problems for the gout sufferer. It’s an alcoholic beverage, which can cause dehydration. It’s also got yeast in it, which contains purine — the stuff from which uric acid is made.

Naturally, water would be a better choice, but if you must imbibe something, look into red wine. You can’t have a ton of it, but a glass or so in companionable moments may help you avoid spending two weeks unable to walk.

Barbecues: The stuff of legends, the mouth watering foods we all crave. Hamburgers, steaks, hot dogs — and gout. …

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Resolving the Bully Issue

It’s not startling to hear of a child being afraid to go to school, or who deliberately misses the school bus to avoid a classmate who makes the trip miserable. It is in all probability fair to assume that in every school, and neighborhood there is at least one kid who makes each day a living nightmare for the other kids. Bullies have always presented themselves dating back to when our grandparents were young. During those times bullying others was simple and usually was limited to name calling or teasing. However those less violent attempts of hurting another have been replaced with a new generation of bullies whose actions are not temporary and can include force such as hitting, punching, and ridiculing.

All of us at some point have been bullied. We may have even bullied others to some degree. These incidents were perhaps not severe and resolved itself over time. Nonetheless, there are occasions when bullying takes place over a long period, possibly years. This is often the case in school, and in neighborhoods where the bully is always in close company with the victim.

Bullying is a willful, deliberate want to hurt another and is typically long term. …

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