Summer Time

Long sunny days, beautiful smelling flowers
Usually pretty dry, with the occasional showers
Birds chirping, and the sun is always shining
Enjoying the weather, just by reclining
Seeing the kids laugh and play
As the time wisps away
Not a care in the world to call my own
Enjoying the weather, with an ice cream cone
There’s not better time than this
And when it’s gone, it’s something I’m gonna miss
But I know that it will come back again
and when it happens I will be in perfect zen

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Fed Up with Politics: Time for Change

I’ve grown tired of career politicians who have taken office and consider their career over doing the right thing. Time after time, politicians take office promising they’ll lower taxes and improve our way of life. The truth is we are always stuck with lifers. Senators that take office, make deals to get bills passed and then have to pay up. Isn’t it time that we created term limits and stop the buddy system?

Also, life-time benefits. You and I have to work year after year and we have to pay for our benefits. If we’re lucky we may have some insurance that we can purchase at a lower rate during our golden years.

The electoral college is an outdated practice. In today’s modern era of Television and Internet, it’s so easy for people to be informed, that we no longer need someone to vote on our behalf.

Finally, I’m tired of politician spending millions on commercials, billboards and now Internet advertisements. We live in a time, where the media is everywhere, so why do they need that big budget? Can’t they do it on a level playing field? Shouldn’t their be a cap? Is it fair that the son of a billionaire …

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Politics and the San Francisco Board of Supervisors

While you were out there working hard for a living, the San Francisco Board of Supervisors was meeting also. In case you missed it, or simply could not believe it, I present to you a list of the more unusual things the Board of Supervisors has done and not done lately.

On April 7, 2010, the Supervisors approved a measure to declare every Monday “Vegetarian Day.” Not really sure about the point of this; but there you have it. Perhaps they mean only vegetarians should enter the city on Monday. The idea behind this is to decrease obesity by suggesting people take a day to eat without meat. The supervisors are especially interested in decreasing childhood obesity. Of course, this proclamation has not bearing on the school district whatsoever, since they are controlled by the school board. Maybe they mean only vegetarian restaurants should be open on Mondays. Notice, they did not distinguish between vegetarians who eat dairy and those that don’t; they also didn’t include a day for those that eat only raw foods. Things for the board to do in the future….

A San Franciscan wanted to have the Supervisors ban the sale of puppies and kittens from …

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First Sight

First Sight
Imagine you are in a blues bar
It is a damp and gloomy night
You have come to shake off
the funk and enjoy some music
Hoping it will take me away
from this harsh reality I am
facing today
The sound of the sharp blues guitars fill my
ears and delight my heart
I am beginning to feel the heat
dancing to the beat
When suddenly I notice across
from me
The most beautiful boy you
will ever meet
Tall handsome and neat
He’s what I have been dreaming
of when in search of love
He plays pool with such
grace hitting the pockets
with an equal pace
To scared to approach him
I sit back and admire
This is really what I desire
To see and feel love physically
at first sight

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How to Avoid Sneaky Politics at Your Retail Job

If you work in retail there’s guaranteed to be lots of gossip and politics at your job. Your coworkers will love to talk about customers, your management team, other coworkers, and you (when you’re when your back is turned). Following is how to avoid politics and gossip while working in the retail sales industry.

Stay 100% Professional

Avoiding politics at a retail job is extremely difficult. Coworkers will constantly try and tempt you to reveal information about yourself, betray other coworkers, and become one of the pack. In order to avoid politics in retail you’ll have to remain 100% professional. You’ll have to follow all the rules, never be late, and do nothing that will give your coworkers a reason to gossip. If coworkers ever recognize a chink in your armor; your plan to avoid retail politics will be ruined. If you’re perceived as a professional, your coworkers will not trust you enough with gossip and will leave you out of the political games. After all, they don’t know whether or not you’ll report to the boss.

Be Nice but Stay Distant

In order to avoid politics at your retail job like of a politician, you’ll have to make …

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Miss You Georgia

When I left your soft southern pines

I nearly lost my southern mind…

The drive to Maryland when we left was long and Bleak

I cried for nearly a long week…

But now I live in Maryland where it’s still so cold

and I’m not talking about the weather don’t ya know…

I can’t turn my back it seems, not for a single minute

I’m afraid If I do, I’ll be hit with a skillet…

Now, don’t get me wrong…I’ve made 3 friends in five years

that doesn’t say much though about the people here.

I miss you my sweet Georgia, your laid back ways

Perhaps one day I’ll find my way back to your soft southern pines

one fine day.

In the meantime, I’ll keep your memory soft

as the leaves of fall lift the golden leaves aloft

and as the winter turns to spring

I’ll be thinking of you when I’m doing my daily thing.

Don’t forget me Georgia please

keep some memories of me blowing through the trees

I’ll be back…at least if it is God’s will

If not, I’ll Love You always Still.…

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Issues with the Cost of Living in the United States

Many of us have seen the rise in costs concerning gas, food and a variety of other items. We have, as Americans, other states that produce oil. Why don’t we use them instead of getting our oil from overseas and paying a fortune for it? Our gas prices are exceeding what any of us can afford to pay to the importing and exporting of oil.

The cost of food has also gone up and, we now need high paying jobs just to take care of our family. The reason for a lot of the food prices going up is that they are delivered by trucks that run on diesel. I have never seen gas and diesel prices so high before. How are we expected to live like this?

It was a rumor around here that our gas and oil prices were going to hit $5 a gallon by September. This is ridiculous as a lot of us only make around $300 a week. Almost our entire paycheck will be put into gas, leaving a minimal amount for food, bills, necessities and all the other things that we use in our everyday lives.

They say that if you fill your gas tank in the mornings, …

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