Light Side of Politics; Obama Has the Skill of a Basketball Player, Tea Party Get to the Gym

Well the Grand Ole Elephant might need agility to deal with Obama, he exudes the eloquence, touch and skill of a hoopster. He might get stitches every now and then, but French president Sarkozy collapsed whilst jogging.


This guy can rebound quickly with minimum time spent sulking, they teach this to ball players if you have no idea. Before he was president, he lost by 61 percent to Bobby Rush, he is not just a physical ball player, he is also mental one. Loss did not stop him, he rebounded to become president. Keep in mind his name, Islamic paternity and race.


This is a key trait for ball players, to move at the speed of lightning. Whilst most politicians were debating about his race and practical viability to the status quo, he had dribbled past them by carefully planning his game and strategy, what is a game of hoops without strategy. Barrack means blessing in Swahili and lightning strike in Hebrew. John McCain can relate to the later

Defense or offense

Man to man, John McCain left in the dust, zone defense, the democratic primaries are claimed. What the Republicans don’t realize is that Obama will surely work some zone defense. Maybe some pick and roll, who knows, but this guy is from Chicago like Michael Jordan.

Well, the guy has/ had instincts, and a confidence like that of deeply incumbent politicians, notice his first DNC speech.

Team work is what makes a ball player dangerous, he can be dominant and subtle but still present.

The energized Republican Party might want to reconfigure their game plan and get a basketball play book to work on the Obama three point matrixes.


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