Life Issues! Wake Up Call for You! Are You Aware?

Wake up Call for you! Are You Aware?

Are you aware of your life status? How free are you? How blessed are you? Do you find yourself stressed on a monthly basis? Why? Are you struggling in life or are you Happy? (For example, bills past due, sickness, etc). Final question, are you in the most horrific life situation you could ever be in or could someone be in an even worse situation than you? (For example, think about the corruption in the Middle East right now, Japan’s Tsunami, people who suffered from hurricane Katrina, etc.)

Now answer all those questions and compare them to the final question. Be truthful with yourself as it will only affect you. The things I talk about are information I learned from paying attention to our country, economy, researching on my own and even hearing others talk about this same information in detail.

You can stop reading right now or you can become educated on how to help you, your family and friends in the future. Things could get worse and only those who were in denial or blinded will suffer the most.

Now the first problem I realized is people in America are so disconnected. We have more people who are worried about themselves rather than helping others sometimes. Am I right? It will all make sense soon so keep reading. Hopefully you wake up and start to help make a change.

Do you understand where America stands today? Let’s talk about our country (America) and then you. Do you think that our country is in the greatest condition we could ever be in today? I hope not! Our gas prices has sky rocketed. We may think we are suffering now but if you only knew what was going on in the world around us! Other countries are paying between $5-7 per gallon. Now I am not saying anything bad about our current President Barack Obama. I am sure he is doing the best he can do.

We have more and more people getting laid off from their jobs of 15 and 20 years. Many of our American jobs have moved overseas. Oh, you didn’t know. I’m not done yet! Actually, our jobs started moving overseas in the early 2000’s, possibly earlier. Food prices are rising tremendously. We have more people going on food stamps everyday.

On top of all of that! Our country is in the biggest deficit ever. That means we are in a major, major debt crisis. Our government owes more people than ever before. It will only get worse. So in my opinion people who are dependent on the government will most likely lose what they are receiving if our American dollar loses its value. Huh! You probably didn’t know that the American dollar has already starting losing its value.

So what are you going to do? It will be too late to go look for a job because we are losing jobs on a daily basis. You probably don’t have any money saved for a rainy day. Therefore, you could possibly become homeless. Your credit is probably not the best it could be because it was put on the bottom of your priority list.

Listen! You need to wake up! Understand what is going on in your life, your country and the world around us! Ever heard of the Jew concentration camps with Adolf Hitler, ever heard of other country treating their people like animals, ever heard of people fleeing to America for Freedom? What about riots and police taking over towns?

That’s right people! Wake up! It could happen to us too! Let me give you some of my own plans that I have started working on.

First thing first! I have started building my LIFE AROUND GOD! I have strong faith in God! I believe he is the only one who will protect us in a time of crisis. Not only that, but he will not leave you nor forsake you. He will guide you in the right direction, if you allow him. God is the number one thing you need in your life right now to help you get through this sinful world.

My second goal is I have started researching or just staying up to date with my laws, news on our government, worldly news, basically anything that will affect me and the future generations. Not B.E.T. or M.T.V. news on the celebrities. Of course, do what you want but that should not be the only news you know about all the time.

My third goal is to build more love around me. That means helping people when I can. Not everyone because some people just have that mean spirit that they would rather keep instead of getting rid of it.

Get together with friends and family at times. Telling others that I love them, and to have a good day. Building bonds with people. Love is what we all have been longing for in the past and still is. What if our country was at war with another country and you lost your home, family, etc. Wouldn’t it feel good to know that there are good people still around that will let you into their home for survival reasons?

That means we need to stop killing each other, envying each other, gossiping about nonsense. There is not any human being on this earth that is perfect. Therefore, you are not better than the next because you have more money, prettier, a bigger house, whatever. Put more LOVE in your HEART and remove the HATRED. It is ruining more people than you think.

My fourth goal is to have a family emergency plan. Let’s say, there was a case like hurricane Katrina. You lost your family members, money, don’t know who to call. Wouldn’t that be bad? Have a main contact line or location for everyone to meet up in a crisis. It could be for your immediate family or major family. Write down two main numbers and location to meet up.

My fifth Goals are to have food, water medical supplies, and candles in case of a time we lose all of it. It could even be that we can’t afford it anymore for whatever reason.

My people! Wake Up! Expect the unexpected! I don’t know about you but in case of a big crisis! I will be prepared!

Keep up to date with more information in the future with my posts. Join my group for life preparation and knowledge!

I hope this helped! Real recognize Real! Thanks for your time!


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