Jailhouse Politics

I am new at this so bare with me, or not at all. Were still in a free country, for the most part and I mean no disrespect….

I am struggling with issues in my life, LOL…Imagine that! My main struggle seems to be this lingering burden that surrounds me with employment. I’m not trying to fuss or whine about my issue, but just some clarity or closure if that.

I am a convicted felon for a volient crime that took place in july 1994, so it’s been 16-17 years now. And my crime took place in Alaska. Anchorage to be exact. I grew up in Kodiak, and my family still resides there to this day. I’ve heard and even applied for a review (I guess) there may be another name for it, but I don’t know? Basically Alaska dosen’t allow pardons/expundgments for any type of class a,b or c felonies. I have a class c assault felony. And that has limited me to decent employment etc. I tried some avenues, but I guess once you’ve been off of parole/probation for however long….you get certain rights reinstated. I believe those are the right to vote, the right bear arms-that depends on the seriousness of the crime ofcourse- and I think that’s about it in my particular situation

I am hoping for some realistic options that don’t require a lump, six-figure down payment. But just some insight that I may have overlooked or didn’t realize I could pursue. I am not the same person, but that just makes me sound robotic and I don’t want to be viewed as such. I COMPLETLY realize that if a person commits the crime, they must do the time. I get it–but what I don’t understand is when felons get out of prison or a correctional facility, they are left with gate money, $150 I believe and alittle from working “indoors” then what?

There are programs, like incentives for employers to hire felon like bonding and stuff? But that route (word of mouth) is if that a felon is in a half-way house, or on probation/parole. And thus I’m in the dark from there, but then again I am in the dark about my situation at hand.

I do apologize that my first ever post is pretty grim–I’m very open and do take constructive or any type of critism okay…so whatever you may dish out so be it…I’m hopeful that any positive/negative reviews, if any…may help me to navigate myself and other people that may be in a similar perdictament….Thank you!


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