Issues with the Cost of Living in the United States

Many of us have seen the rise in costs concerning gas, food and a variety of other items. We have, as Americans, other states that produce oil. Why don’t we use them instead of getting our oil from overseas and paying a fortune for it? Our gas prices are exceeding what any of us can afford to pay to the importing and exporting of oil.

The cost of food has also gone up and, we now need high paying jobs just to take care of our family. The reason for a lot of the food prices going up is that they are delivered by trucks that run on diesel. I have never seen gas and diesel prices so high before. How are we expected to live like this?

It was a rumor around here that our gas and oil prices were going to hit $5 a gallon by September. This is ridiculous as a lot of us only make around $300 a week. Almost our entire paycheck will be put into gas, leaving a minimal amount for food, bills, necessities and all the other things that we use in our everyday lives.

They say that if you fill your gas tank in the mornings, you will get more gas for your money. This is due to the fact that gas, like other liquids, expands with the heat. Some people do fill up in the mornings but, what about those who can’t put in gas until after work? The majority of people in my town live on their tips until they get paid. This is hard on them as they want to save their money for home improvements and other items but, end up using most on gas and food due to the high prices.

These prices are making it harder and harder for people who are just buying a home or are renting. The cost of heating has gone up along with everything else due to a lot of people using propane, gas and natural gas furnaces. Our government needs to take a look at these lower income families to see what is happening to them and try to help. Some of us do not have the opportunity to make as much money as our neighbors and there are even people on disability and Social Security who can not afford to live the same lives they were used to five years ago. What can we do? I am only one voice but, are there more out there and are you willing to speak up for your fellow countrymen?


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