How to Avoid Sneaky Politics at Your Retail Job

If you work in retail there’s guaranteed to be lots of gossip and politics at your job. Your coworkers will love to talk about customers, your management team, other coworkers, and you (when you’re when your back is turned). Following is how to avoid politics and gossip while working in the retail sales industry.

Stay 100% Professional

Avoiding politics at a retail job is extremely difficult. Coworkers will constantly try and tempt you to reveal information about yourself, betray other coworkers, and become one of the pack. In order to avoid politics in retail you’ll have to remain 100% professional. You’ll have to follow all the rules, never be late, and do nothing that will give your coworkers a reason to gossip. If coworkers ever recognize a chink in your armor; your plan to avoid retail politics will be ruined. If you’re perceived as a professional, your coworkers will not trust you enough with gossip and will leave you out of the political games. After all, they don’t know whether or not you’ll report to the boss.

Be Nice but Stay Distant

In order to avoid politics at your retail job like of a politician, you’ll have to make sure your coworkers like you while avoiding becoming their friend. If the coworkers at your retail job began to dislike you, they’ll gossip about you – and if you become their friend, they’ll be close enough to stab you in the back. Avoiding politics at a retail job is like walking a tight rope; you’ll have to balance having a good rapport with every one while not becoming one of the pack.

Work Hard

Believe it or not, the easiest way to stay out of the gossip and retail politics is to work hard. If you’re constantly trying to find ways to get out of work, your coworkers will notice and gossip about you. if you’re constantly working you’ll stay away from your coworkers and manage to avoid all retail gossip and politics. If your coworkers want to gossip; politely excuse yourself and go help a customer. Having a strong work ethic will not only keep you away from gossiping coworkers, it’ll give your coworkers less to gossip about. If a coworker complained about your working hard, they’ll either come off as being jealous or as a lazy employee who doesn’t want to work hard themselves.

Stay Out Of Everyone Else’s Business

I’ve eluded to this a bit, but if you don’t want to get dirty, you’ll have to stay out of the dirt yourself. If a coworker makes you angry, you come across an annoying customer, or you feel that you should have got a raise instead of someone else; keep it to yourself. By participating in the gossip and spreading bad vibes around your job, you’re inviting your retail coworkers to do the same to you. Sometimes we complain without thinking about it, but it is very important to be mindful of what you say while working in retail – you’ll never know who’s listening.

Remain a Mystery

Familiarity breeds contempt. It’s odd but it seems within human nature to treat the ones we love and know well with less respect than we give strangers. We take our friends, family, and loved ones for granted. If a stranger won the lottery we wouldn’t care, but if someone close to us were to win the lottery we’d become jealous immediately.

If you want to remain out of politics and gossip you’ll have to remain a mystery to your retail coworkers. Once your coworkers realize that you’re like them; all professionalism goes out the door. You’ll start to notice a decrease in respect (nicknames, rude jokes, and patronizing actions) and you can expect to be added to all of the retail gossip and politics. It’s simple, people can’t hit what they can see and your retail coworkers won’t attack someone until they know what they’re capable of


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