Fed Up with Politics: Time for Change

I’ve grown tired of career politicians who have taken office and consider their career over doing the right thing. Time after time, politicians take office promising they’ll lower taxes and improve our way of life. The truth is we are always stuck with lifers. Senators that take office, make deals to get bills passed and then have to pay up. Isn’t it time that we created term limits and stop the buddy system?

Also, life-time benefits. You and I have to work year after year and we have to pay for our benefits. If we’re lucky we may have some insurance that we can purchase at a lower rate during our golden years.

The electoral college is an outdated practice. In today’s modern era of Television and Internet, it’s so easy for people to be informed, that we no longer need someone to vote on our behalf.

Finally, I’m tired of politician spending millions on commercials, billboards and now Internet advertisements. We live in a time, where the media is everywhere, so why do they need that big budget? Can’t they do it on a level playing field? Shouldn’t their be a cap? Is it fair that the son of a billionaire is running against the son of a grocer?


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