Crime and American Culture

Much has been said in recent news reports about the problems of crime in American cities; classic examples are people shooting two New York City policemen and in Philadelphia an 18 year old shooting a 14 year old who was on his bicycle but did not get out of the way of his car fast enough. The truth is the we live in a society that advertises freedom but in the cities the question is does the government care and are we to free by allowing our society to be ill responsible and censor free. Also, why is American culture so bent on advertising violence in it music, movies, and television.

The government of the United States and the individual states that make up this great country don’t seem to care about its citizens. When we look at the news nationwide we are losing more people here in the United States as a result of crime which is individual terrorism than the amount of troop we are losing in Iraq. Also let us remember the Iraq is a warzone while America is at peace so this makes the comparison even more striking when we compare the casualties of inner city crimes against the Iraq War. However despite the issues of crime and violence I don’t see National Guard troops marching through cobblestone streets of Philadelphia or any other major cities; nor is the government acting or talking about change in funding this war.

What are the comparisons of the crime problems in American cities; after all it has been a problem for a while? Consider this; a few years ago when the Washington DC sniper rode around in a car and started shooting people at random this horrible story made world news; one reason for this is because he was shooting people in areas where such crimes don’t normally happen; in the suburbs. However ask yourselves the questions; if this crime happened in the inner cities would it have made the world news; or if it happen in places where crime typically happens would anyone notice or would it have been seen as a random act. The bitter truth is “Land of the Free” sees people differently based on where they live; we have a society system and some people are valued more than others; if this was not the case more money would be spent on security and crime issues where more people live. But when you live a society where the entertainment industry has become a religion and people follow theindividuals in the public life as if they are dieties instead of caring about their own health or their own children this can be expected. Some people are more valued than others and many of those who are valued will do anything to continue the ride of luxuries because they know that going back to normality in the United States can be a dead and dangerous thing; even if it means they are irresponsible in what they say or do.

Consider this as well; if 200 or more businesses men who work in a major city were victims of violence randomly over totally ridiculous issues would the national media, government officials, and law enforcement or military care enough to act and make laws that would halt the violence? I am sure they would because it targets people who the government percieves to me more exceptable and affects the money of the nation. If this is so then the question is why are people who live in bad neighborhoods of inner cities any different? I must be honest I care for my country but I hate hypocrisy so as a citizen difficult questions must be asked. The United States apparently are not as united as we claim to be because people live day to day and the government has no idea nor cares what the masses are going through; much like the French Royal family had no idea before 1789. Their is a separation between the have and the have nots that is getting so broad that it is dangerous.

Why is the government silent on this issue on a national level? We hear about funding the Iraq war but what about the war ragin within the cities of our great nation? Why does this problem rarely make the National news for in other countries like the United Kingdom when there is a crime problem that escalates it makes the nightly news. Ask yourself these question the next time you look at the nightly news because no matter where we are in life things can change very quickly and you never know when when it violence can face you.


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