Withdrawing From Your RRSP Before Retirement: Important Things for Investors to Consider About RRSP Withdrawals

For most Canadians, an RRSP (or Registered Retirement Savings Plan) is a wise part of any retirement savings strategy. Any money deposited to this special type of savings account can be used to buy securities (stocks, bonds, mutual funds, GIC’s and more) and grow without being subject to income tax until the funds are withdrawn. This would typically begin at retirement when one’s income is substantially lower and would therefore have a lower income tax rate. The idea is that until retirement the money inside the plan would grow much faster when one doesn’t have to worry about taking any tax off the top from year to year.

But what happens if someone wants to use that money before they retire?

Ideally, investors should be very cautious if they are considering removing any funds from their plan before retirement. However, sometimes investors may encounter unforeseen situations such as unemployment, disability, or other emergencies that will require an infusion of cash. If that is the case, then taking funds out of the plan may be necessary.

RRSP Withdrawals are Subject to Withholding Tax

The first thing that every investor should know is that RRSP withdrawals are subject to a withholding tax. …

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Socialist Appeal

Marx wrote the commercial and men like Stalin, Mao, Mussolini, Castro, Hitler and Pol Pot actually made the product. As anybody who has been on this planet for more than a few years can attest, the difference between the commercial and the product is a given. Carl Marx did not have to deal with any real world conditions when he wrote the commercial. His only objective was to make the product look desirable. He does appear to have succeeded there.

Socialism is a vice that masquerades as a virtue. I have no doubt that its practitioners are honest in their belief that they are doing a great good for the whole world. They are saints in their own eyes. That belief is what makes them so strong and so dangerous. The argument always seems to turn back to doing socialism right since nobody has followed the blueprints of Carl Marx to this point in history.

Although Socialism pays lip service to community, its practice is atomic and utilitarian. Subjects of socialism are labor units called workers. A worker can never be promoted to the level of a slave. When a labor unit wears out, it can be discarded and …

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Resolving the Bully Issue

It’s not startling to hear of a child being afraid to go to school, or who deliberately misses the school bus to avoid a classmate who makes the trip miserable. It is in all probability fair to assume that in every school, and neighborhood there is at least one kid who makes each day a living nightmare for the other kids. Bullies have always presented themselves dating back to when our grandparents were young. During those times bullying others was simple and usually was limited to name calling or teasing. However those less violent attempts of hurting another have been replaced with a new generation of bullies whose actions are not temporary and can include force such as hitting, punching, and ridiculing.

All of us at some point have been bullied. We may have even bullied others to some degree. These incidents were perhaps not severe and resolved itself over time. Nonetheless, there are occasions when bullying takes place over a long period, possibly years. This is often the case in school, and in neighborhoods where the bully is always in close company with the victim.

Bullying is a willful, deliberate want to hurt another and is typically long term. …

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Socialism, Yes or No?

As we go throughout our day, almost every American can turn on a TV and see something about Universal Health care in the news. Universal Health care, many people have debated, is one of the most controversial topics in recent years that involves every single person living in this country. What does this mean for us? The Universal Health care is said to give coverage to the 40 plus million who are uninsured.

Their are a few problems that any person can see if they look enough into it. First, lets look at the statistics. A very large percentage of the uninsured are, for the most part, healthy young adults that either do not feel they need it at this time or is just spending the money on something else. Another very large percentage of the uninsured are those who are unemployed, with many of them, on government programs already and not looking for a job.

The American Dream has extreme value to this country and has for hundreds of years. We are a free society and chooses what we want or don’t want. Our constitution specifically states the powers that the Federal Government has; and nowhere in the constitution …

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Social Integrity

The term social is associated with society.
Society is a number of people knit together by a common factor- Humanity.

Integrity in general is oneness, togetherness, completeness of the 
society. Therefore, integrity starts with the human, and moves to 
humanity, and then on to society, changing by a large margin at every 

A superficial view of social integrity is the smooth functioning of 
society without any barriers.

However, this is an ideal situation and so impossible to achieve 
completely. The situation might keep improving, but that’s about it.

The barriers which tower over all others, and keep relentlessly 
mutilating social integrity are, Religion, which gives rise to 
communal hatred. 
The caste system, which gives rise to discrimination.

Religion and caste are concepts which can not be altered. They have 
been fed into the people much before they could understand anything 
To a lot of people, faith and religion are motivating forces, positive 
energies which drive them on. 
Pillars which support them, and hands to push them forth.

People of the same faith exist in discrete circles, or in sub-societies. 
Geographically or occupation-wise, they may vary, but at heart they 
are the same. That is why, irrespective of where …

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