This Must Be New!

My husband and I were married on January 11, 1992. By March of that year I was feeling a little off so my sister thought I might be pregnant. I didn’t think so but I took the test anyway. To my surprise I had the pink dot. Unbelievable, we hadn’t even been married for two months yet. When I went to the doctor I found out that I had gotten pregnant right away. In fact our baby was due on our nine month anniversary.

I had been told when I was eighteen that it would be very difficult for me to get pregnant because I had polycistic ovaries. Obviously, that was a mistake. My doctor was amazed that I was pregnant without any kind of medical intervention. My pregnancy was not an easy one and I ended up being on bed rest from my fifth month on. Finally, on October 20, 1992 my doctor decided to induce me which didn’t work so at 10:00 pm that night he said we needed to do a c-section. They tried to give me an epidural which didn’t work and they finally put me under general anesthesia. At 10:36pm that night I had my …

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