First Sight

First Sight
Imagine you are in a blues bar
It is a damp and gloomy night
You have come to shake off
the funk and enjoy some music
Hoping it will take me away
from this harsh reality I am
facing today
The sound of the sharp blues guitars fill my
ears and delight my heart
I am beginning to feel the heat
dancing to the beat
When suddenly I notice across
from me
The most beautiful boy you
will ever meet
Tall handsome and neat
He’s what I have been dreaming
of when in search of love
He plays pool with such
grace hitting the pockets
with an equal pace
To scared to approach him
I sit back and admire
This is really what I desire
To see and feel love physically
at first sight

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Miss You Georgia

When I left your soft southern pines

I nearly lost my southern mind…

The drive to Maryland when we left was long and Bleak

I cried for nearly a long week…

But now I live in Maryland where it’s still so cold

and I’m not talking about the weather don’t ya know…

I can’t turn my back it seems, not for a single minute

I’m afraid If I do, I’ll be hit with a skillet…

Now, don’t get me wrong…I’ve made 3 friends in five years

that doesn’t say much though about the people here.

I miss you my sweet Georgia, your laid back ways

Perhaps one day I’ll find my way back to your soft southern pines

one fine day.

In the meantime, I’ll keep your memory soft

as the leaves of fall lift the golden leaves aloft

and as the winter turns to spring

I’ll be thinking of you when I’m doing my daily thing.

Don’t forget me Georgia please

keep some memories of me blowing through the trees

I’ll be back…at least if it is God’s will

If not, I’ll Love You always Still.…

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The Issue of the Old and the Young

It always starts with the kids. Everything depends to the kids. The future is in the hands of the kids. Rizal said that the kids are the hope of our mother land. There are special rights for kids. And the United States and the some countries in Europe have so many rights for kids. Education in other countries are specially designed and being improved especially for kids.

We are too far behind. It almost seems impossible for us now to cope with the forerunners in development. This is especially because we are too far behind in taking care that our kids will have a bright future. Our government doesn’t give much focus to education. According to the economists on television, economy in the Philippines is going up. But the masses don’t feel it. Only those who are rich and in power are enjoying the fall of the dollar rate. The Philippines is still a poor country. And our debt is growing though the government keeps saying that we are making improvements.

It is hard to be ideal in this country when you know that the best way to survive is through being practical. In every aspect of life, in every …

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This Must Be New!

My husband and I were married on January 11, 1992. By March of that year I was feeling a little off so my sister thought I might be pregnant. I didn’t think so but I took the test anyway. To my surprise I had the pink dot. Unbelievable, we hadn’t even been married for two months yet. When I went to the doctor I found out that I had gotten pregnant right away. In fact our baby was due on our nine month anniversary.

I had been told when I was eighteen that it would be very difficult for me to get pregnant because I had polycistic ovaries. Obviously, that was a mistake. My doctor was amazed that I was pregnant without any kind of medical intervention. My pregnancy was not an easy one and I ended up being on bed rest from my fifth month on. Finally, on October 20, 1992 my doctor decided to induce me which didn’t work so at 10:00 pm that night he said we needed to do a c-section. They tried to give me an epidural which didn’t work and they finally put me under general anesthesia. At 10:36pm that night I had my …

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