Withdrawing From Your RRSP Before Retirement: Important Things for Investors to Consider About RRSP Withdrawals

For most Canadians, an RRSP (or Registered Retirement Savings Plan) is a wise part of any retirement savings strategy. Any money deposited to this special type of savings account can be used to buy securities (stocks, bonds, mutual funds, GIC’s and more) and grow without being subject to income tax until the funds are withdrawn. This would typically begin at retirement when one’s income is substantially lower and would therefore have a lower income tax rate. The idea is that until retirement the money inside the plan would grow much faster when one doesn’t have to worry about taking any tax off the top from year to year.

But what happens if someone wants to use that money before they retire?

Ideally, investors should be very cautious if they are considering removing any funds from their plan before retirement. However, sometimes investors may encounter unforeseen situations such as unemployment, disability, or other emergencies that will require an infusion of cash. If that is the case, then taking funds out of the plan may be necessary.

RRSP Withdrawals are Subject to Withholding Tax

The first thing that every investor should know is that RRSP withdrawals are subject to a withholding tax. …

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When Karaoke Singers Attack

When I first started going regularly to karaoke shows, my family and some of my friends weren’t thrilled.


“Why do you want to go to a bar? It’s just a place full of drunks!” they would say, as a gentle way to suggest I shouldn’t go every week.

“You could get hurt!” they would warn, as visions of barroom brawls straight out of Clint Eastwood films filled their heads.

“Don’t forget to wear sunblock!” they would add.

No, wait, that’s what they said when I went to the beach. The point is, they didn’t much like my hobby. I’m a tiny, tiny, woman (see previous articles), and they were convinced I would be beaten to a bloody pulp some Saturday night.

I went to the same bar every weekend for eighteen months, and I only witnessed two fights. Maybe I was just in a good neighborhood … maybe I was just lucky … maybe I have magical powers that promote peace and harmony … who knows? The first altercation was between two friends. She thought he was being a rude pig (he was). He thought she was overreacting (she was). A drink was hurled, a bottle was thrown … …

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Life Issues! Wake Up Call for You! Are You Aware?

Wake up Call for you! Are You Aware?

Are you aware of your life status? How free are you? How blessed are you? Do you find yourself stressed on a monthly basis? Why? Are you struggling in life or are you Happy? (For example, bills past due, sickness, etc). Final question, are you in the most horrific life situation you could ever be in or could someone be in an even worse situation than you? (For example, think about the corruption in the Middle East right now, Japan’s Tsunami, people who suffered from hurricane Katrina, etc.)

Now answer all those questions and compare them to the final question. Be truthful with yourself as it will only affect you. The things I talk about are information I learned from paying attention to our country, economy, researching on my own and even hearing others talk about this same information in detail.

You can stop reading right now or you can become educated on how to help you, your family and friends in the future. Things could get worse and only those who were in denial or blinded will suffer the most.

Now the first problem I realized is people in America …

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Summer Gout Issues

Gout is not an easy illness to deal with. For one thing, it sneaks up on you in the middle of the night. For another, it can forever alter what you are allowed to do, drink and even eat. However, avoiding a second flareup is usually an important issue once you’ve had the first one.

Summer poses an extremely difficult time to keep gout under control. Almost every activity you may wish to take part in can pose a problem. Even the weather can turn against you. Here are a few reminders, and possible ways around them.

Beer: This favorite drink of hot weather poses two problems for the gout sufferer. It’s an alcoholic beverage, which can cause dehydration. It’s also got yeast in it, which contains purine — the stuff from which uric acid is made.

Naturally, water would be a better choice, but if you must imbibe something, look into red wine. You can’t have a ton of it, but a glass or so in companionable moments may help you avoid spending two weeks unable to walk.

Barbecues: The stuff of legends, the mouth watering foods we all crave. Hamburgers, steaks, hot dogs — and gout. …

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Understanding Jaundice

Jaundice is an often little understood condition that is found in most newborn children. For new parents this can be a scary proposition but can, fortunately, be taken care of quickly and safely. For adults with jaundice, it can simply be scary.

What is Jaundice?

Jaundice is a condition that creates a yellow pigment in a person’s skin, mucous membranes and the white in eyes. Most newborns have at least minor jaundice. The yellow pigment is created by bilirubin. This is a byproduct of dead red blood cells.

The normal human body processes about 1% of its red blood cells every day. These cells are processed in the liver and leave the body through normal waste paths.

When the human liver is unable to process the dead cells fast enough bilirubin begins to accumulate and cause the yellow tint.

Newborn Jaundice

Newborns are recovering from birth. The amount of dead blood cells is simply too much for their undeveloped livers to handle. Bilirubin begins to accumulate quickly.

Depending on how strenuous childbirth was, newborns may face several days with the effects of jaundice. Premature babies are at the highest risk for jaundice.

Not until the baby is eating and stooling …

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