America the Free?

Why does our society try to hold us back? We are Americans. Have we forgotten what that means? In the days of our founding fathers, it meant freedom. Freedom to become better than what is expected. Freedom to learn from our ancestors mistakes. Freedom to acquire the knowledge to make our own decisions. Freedom to express ourselves. Freedom to fight for our beliefs. Where has that Freedom gone? We are now in a form of slavery. We are oppressed. The oppression is of our own making. Our school system is teaching our children not to think for themselves, but to follow the standard, which happens to be substandard nowadays. As adults of this type of education, we go through life just doing the bare minimum we can get away with. Anyone who tries to climb up and out of the standard is ridiculed. The rare few who gain the knowledge to control their own destinies end up working for the system or corporation and then are told what they can or can not do. Our children today are not given the chance to succeed. They are taught what society wants them to learn. They are told what society wants them …

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