Lititz, Pennsylvania – Pretzels, Chocolate and History

Where did hard pretzels get their start? Where did General John Sutter of Sutter’s Mill, California, settle after the discovery of gold on his property? What chocolate company is headquartered in a small Pennsylvania town? Who are the Moravians and where are they found?

The answer to these questions and more is Lititz, Pennsylvania.

Julius Sturgis Pretzel Bakery


Founded in 1861, the bakery was the first to commercially produce hard pretzels. When Julius Sturgis was working as an apprentice, he discovered the double baking process that produced hard pretzels. They became so popular that he and his family continued to expand the business, which still operates today.

Visitors can tour the original factory with its brick ovens, see many of the antique mixing and weighing devices, and try their hand at twisting the pretzels into the famous criss-crossed shape.

General John Sutter’s Final Home and Gravesite

When gold was found on John Sutter’s property at Sutter’s Mill, Coloma, California, it set off the 1849 Gold Rush. Sutter himself did not profit from the find and tried repeatedly to petition the United States to reimburse him for his losses.

Sutter and his wife, Nanette, moved East to Lititz, Pennsylvania, in …

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When Karaoke Singers Attack

When I first started going regularly to karaoke shows, my family and some of my friends weren’t thrilled.


“Why do you want to go to a bar? It’s just a place full of drunks!” they would say, as a gentle way to suggest I shouldn’t go every week.

“You could get hurt!” they would warn, as visions of barroom brawls straight out of Clint Eastwood films filled their heads.

“Don’t forget to wear sunblock!” they would add.

No, wait, that’s what they said when I went to the beach. The point is, they didn’t much like my hobby. I’m a tiny, tiny, woman (see previous articles), and they were convinced I would be beaten to a bloody pulp some Saturday night.

I went to the same bar every weekend for eighteen months, and I only witnessed two fights. Maybe I was just in a good neighborhood … maybe I was just lucky … maybe I have magical powers that promote peace and harmony … who knows? The first altercation was between two friends. She thought he was being a rude pig (he was). He thought she was overreacting (she was). A drink was hurled, a bottle was thrown … …

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Wine Touring in Northwest Oregon, Northwest USA: Visit the Willamette Valley’s Unique Wineries, Hotels & Restaurants

Oregon is world renowned for its wines, especially pinot noir. In the northwest corner of the state just 25 miles southwest of Portland, the Willamette Valley is home to 250 wineries. At the northern end of the valley, the town of Newberg is surrounded by a greenbelt of forests and farmland, retaining its provincial character.

Newberg is a perfect base for touring northwest Oregon’s wine country. Lodging includes an upscale resort, comfortable B&Bs and regional hotels. Dining varies from elegant to eclectic. Take in unique attractions while wine touring in the Willamette Valley.

Wine Country Tours in North Willamette Valley

The broad Willamette Valley is punctuated by hills covered in vineyards. Many wineries are within 15 minutes drive of Newberg, featuring tasting rooms where visitors can walk in and try a variety of wine styles. Following are some of the best wineries in the north Willamette Valley:

  • Rex Hill Vineyards, just east of Newberg, is family owned and operated. Crafting premium pinots since 1982, this winery also boasts a beautiful garden setting.
  • Domaine Drouhin, owned by renowned Burgundy producer Maison Joseph Drouhin, produces Burgundian-style wines. Fourth-generation winemaker Veronique Drouhin-Boss crafts world-class pinot noir and chardonnay.
  • Penner-Ash Wine Cellars is set

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Crime and American Culture

Much has been said in recent news reports about the problems of crime in American cities; classic examples are people shooting two New York City policemen and in Philadelphia an 18 year old shooting a 14 year old who was on his bicycle but did not get out of the way of his car fast enough. The truth is the we live in a society that advertises freedom but in the cities the question is does the government care and are we to free by allowing our society to be ill responsible and censor free. Also, why is American culture so bent on advertising violence in it music, movies, and television.

The government of the United States and the individual states that make up this great country don’t seem to care about its citizens. When we look at the news nationwide we are losing more people here in the United States as a result of crime which is individual terrorism than the amount of troop we are losing in Iraq. Also let us remember the Iraq is a warzone while America is at peace so this makes the comparison even more striking when we compare the casualties of inner city crimes against …

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It’s Time to Pull Together as Americans

When I listen to the news, there is enough vitriol to make me ill. Where our need is to bring people together, we lock ourselves inside tiny rooms that do not allow others near. We define ourselves in smaller and more specific ways. We look for others who define themselves in that same way. We avoid encountering anyone who does not think as we do. We narrow what we watch to ensure we hear the news only from those who agree with us. When we never hear dissent, we never realize anyone else thinks any differently. If they do think differently, they must be misguided, misinformed, stupid, greedy, a bunch of sheep, evil, selfish, or ridiculous.

We forget the greatest truth of all. The truth is that it’s not us and them; it’s just us. Sometimes we will disagree on how we see the world, but we all should have the same goal. Our universal goal should be to make the world a better place for all its inhabitants. We lose track of the big picture. We lose ourselves in the minutiae.

No person can address all the problems of the world. For most of us, we can answer the …

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Issues with the Cost of Living in the United States

Many of us have seen the rise in costs concerning gas, food and a variety of other items. We have, as Americans, other states that produce oil. Why don’t we use them instead of getting our oil from overseas and paying a fortune for it? Our gas prices are exceeding what any of us can afford to pay to the importing and exporting of oil.

The cost of food has also gone up and, we now need high paying jobs just to take care of our family. The reason for a lot of the food prices going up is that they are delivered by trucks that run on diesel. I have never seen gas and diesel prices so high before. How are we expected to live like this?

It was a rumor around here that our gas and oil prices were going to hit $5 a gallon by September. This is ridiculous as a lot of us only make around $300 a week. Almost our entire paycheck will be put into gas, leaving a minimal amount for food, bills, necessities and all the other things that we use in our everyday lives.

They say that if you fill your gas tank in the mornings, …

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What is America?

A symbol is a figure, or an object which epitomizes a feeling that cannot be seen. Each person has their own characterization for a specific emotion. America to me is a land of freedom, and diversity. The symbols that embody my image of America are the ocean, the symbol of peace, and the Liberty Bell. These images incite a sensation of freedom, harmony, and opportunity. I believe that these objects reflect on the sentimental feeling of America itself.


The ocean possesses a vast and striking appearance, which represents the diversity in America. Over the years, many immigrants have crossed over the great oceans, making their way to the soil of freedom. These individuals have formed their legacy, passing it on from generation to generation. Many different people, each possessing their own unique story, but share a similar goal to find independence, and liberty. To me, this form of unity is what America is all about, bringing people from all over the world, each with their own culture, and allowing them to live together in unison. If you take the time and actually look around you will notice that this cultural diffusion is fairly evident especially in the school …

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