Desynchronizing the Rat Race Time Travel

Caught between two worlds
A long con of a card game
That appeared to be a speed bump
More than a continuing spinning top
Running extremely fast around snails
Focused on their own lethargy
Setting the ground and both feet on fire
Smelling burnt dirt and feeling large cuts
In both heels along with the wear of travel
Only to realize that the trip leads to the beginning
Not the end of the rusty yellow brick road
There’s no special wizard rewarding those who enter
And those willing to continue onto the next fork in the street
After such lack of instant gratification
The decision can go one of two ways: give up or fight
Time to decide which way to go that will lead to happiness,
Or the best alternative substitute that’s subject to debate.…

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When Karaoke Singers Attack

When I first started going regularly to karaoke shows, my family and some of my friends weren’t thrilled.


“Why do you want to go to a bar? It’s just a place full of drunks!” they would say, as a gentle way to suggest I shouldn’t go every week.

“You could get hurt!” they would warn, as visions of barroom brawls straight out of Clint Eastwood films filled their heads.

“Don’t forget to wear sunblock!” they would add.

No, wait, that’s what they said when I went to the beach. The point is, they didn’t much like my hobby. I’m a tiny, tiny, woman (see previous articles), and they were convinced I would be beaten to a bloody pulp some Saturday night.

I went to the same bar every weekend for eighteen months, and I only witnessed two fights. Maybe I was just in a good neighborhood … maybe I was just lucky … maybe I have magical powers that promote peace and harmony … who knows? The first altercation was between two friends. She thought he was being a rude pig (he was). He thought she was overreacting (she was). A drink was hurled, a bottle was thrown … …

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F%@K New Year’s Resolutions. Hard.

These sentiments are all too common this time of year, and in a month, many of them will be after thoughts. We all know almost all New Year’s resolutions fail, so why do we continue to make them?

Because it makes us feel good about ourselves.

This is also why they fail. When we feel good about ourselves, we feel content, and contentment is one of the least actionable feelings there is. Contentment breeds security, and no one takes action when they feel secure. Warm and fuzzy does not yield results.

A New Year’s Resolution is nothing more than a deferred life. If you decide you want to change something, for whatever reason, the time to take action is NOW! That very minute. Start making the necessary changes so you can see the results and change you so desire. If you put something off, say like waiting until the New Year, you are already making excuses for yourself. You’re saying to yourself, “I want to change this or that, but first I’m going to sit on my ass for another three weeks and do nothing about it, and then when “the time” comes to actually make the necessary changes, you …

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3 Reasons Introverts are Taking Over the World

The movie Wolf of Wall Street sensationalized in many ways an era of business that is dead and soon to be gone. The over zealous, overly confident, audacious business professional portrayed in that film is an afterthought, and is being replaced with a new breed of entrepreneurs, and they’re going to take over the world because they listen.

Yes introverts are the new breed of wildly successful entrepreneurs. The global marketplace has left us with a business environment where you can sit behind a computer and run an empire. The board room is a thing of the past and is being replaced by a MacBook, a pair of headphones, and an over priced cup of coffee.

Here are three reasons Introverts are taking over the world:

  1. They Listen.

Extroverts usually revolve the conversation around them, and when others are talking they are usually thinking of the next thing they will say in response and try to drive the conversation back to and around them. They are used to being the center of attention and this is the environment that they need to create to thrive.

Introverts on the other hand listen closely to what others are saying. They take in …

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Do. It. For. You: The Happiness Equation Reworked

Two of the great American authors, Joseph Heller (author of Catch 22) and Kurt Vonnegut (author of Slaughterhouse Five) were at a party hosted by a Billionaire. Vonnegut, admiring all of the worldly possessions of the host, quipped at Heller and asked, “How does it feel knowing this man makes more in a day than you will ever make in a lifetime with one of your novels?”

To which Heller replied, “I have one thing this man will never be able to have….enough.”.

You see, the funniest thing happened in the past hundred or so years; we were finally, for once and for all, allowed to be happy, or to search for happiness.

You don’t believe me do you?

Think back say as far 10,000 years ago. What did we have to think about?

Survival. That’s it. We needed food and shelter, and finding both was a constant struggle so it was all we could focus on or worry about. There was no time to be happy.

Okay, so a thousand years ago. Food and shelter. That’s it.

Even as little as 300 years ago when our country was being founded. Food and shelter and the beginnings of …

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Wine Touring in Northwest Oregon, Northwest USA: Visit the Willamette Valley’s Unique Wineries, Hotels & Restaurants

Oregon is world renowned for its wines, especially pinot noir. In the northwest corner of the state just 25 miles southwest of Portland, the Willamette Valley is home to 250 wineries. At the northern end of the valley, the town of Newberg is surrounded by a greenbelt of forests and farmland, retaining its provincial character.

Newberg is a perfect base for touring northwest Oregon’s wine country. Lodging includes an upscale resort, comfortable B&Bs and regional hotels. Dining varies from elegant to eclectic. Take in unique attractions while wine touring in the Willamette Valley.

Wine Country Tours in North Willamette Valley

The broad Willamette Valley is punctuated by hills covered in vineyards. Many wineries are within 15 minutes drive of Newberg, featuring tasting rooms where visitors can walk in and try a variety of wine styles. Following are some of the best wineries in the north Willamette Valley:

  • Rex Hill Vineyards, just east of Newberg, is family owned and operated. Crafting premium pinots since 1982, this winery also boasts a beautiful garden setting.
  • Domaine Drouhin, owned by renowned Burgundy producer Maison Joseph Drouhin, produces Burgundian-style wines. Fourth-generation winemaker Veronique Drouhin-Boss crafts world-class pinot noir and chardonnay.
  • Penner-Ash Wine Cellars is set

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How Gadgets Can Enhance Your Lifestyle?

There has been a huge change in the modern-day lifestyle as your life is driven mostly by technologies. There are different types of gadgets that have made your life super easy and you can now become even ‘smarter’. Yes, the new era is of smart gadgets, whether it is your phone, television or refrigerator. Do you want to know how smart and advanced gadgets can make your life easy? Such gadgets have made your household tasks simple and you get more time to do something fruitful and creative. Technology is changing every day and new gadgets are replacing the old one. If you want to stay updated and make your life smoother, you can use different types of gadgets. No, let’s find out how the latest gadgets can make your life simpler. Read on to know more-

  1. Sleep in a Super Bed

How about sleeping in a bed that can control your sleeping pattern and does everything to make you feel comfortable? Yes, there are smart beds that keep your feet warm in the winter days and also control your snoring habit. By adjusting your head height, this bed can control your snoring habit and you can have a …

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