Lititz, Pennsylvania – Pretzels, Chocolate and History

Where did hard pretzels get their start? Where did General John Sutter of Sutter’s Mill, California, settle after the discovery of gold on his property? What chocolate company is headquartered in a small Pennsylvania town? Who are the Moravians and where are they found?

The answer to these questions and more is Lititz, Pennsylvania.

Julius Sturgis Pretzel Bakery


Founded in 1861, the bakery was the first to commercially produce hard pretzels. When Julius Sturgis was working as an apprentice, he discovered the double baking process that produced hard pretzels. They became so popular that he and his family continued to expand the business, which still operates today.

Visitors can tour the original factory with its brick ovens, see many of the antique mixing and weighing devices, and try their hand at twisting the pretzels into the famous criss-crossed shape.

General John Sutter’s Final Home and Gravesite

When gold was found on John Sutter’s property at Sutter’s Mill, Coloma, California, it set off the 1849 Gold Rush. Sutter himself did not profit from the find and tried repeatedly to petition the United States to reimburse him for his losses.

Sutter and his wife, Nanette, moved East to Lititz, Pennsylvania, in …

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Home to Columbus: Ma Rainey’s Voice Heard For the Last Time

Ma Rainey, although she’d traveled considerably until 1935, had always left her heart down South. That year her sister died and Ma went home to Columbus, Georgia to live in the house she had built for her family.

Over the years she had learned to be a good businesswoman and bought two theaters in Rome, a city near Columbus. After coming home she took over the operation of these. By the time she turned fifty she ceased to sing regularly, but did join the Friendship Baptist Church. Then, three days before Christmas in 1939, Ma Rainey’s voice was heard for the last time.

Ma Rainey Sings No More

On December 22, 1939, Gertrude Pridgett ‘Ma’ Rainey died. Her death certificate surely gave a sign of the times of Black struggle and the fight for equality when it simply noted that the occupation of the deceased was-housekeeping. But those that sing the blues, or just get a lift from hearing them sung, know better-oh so much better.…

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Withdrawing From Your RRSP Before Retirement: Important Things for Investors to Consider About RRSP Withdrawals

For most Canadians, an RRSP (or Registered Retirement Savings Plan) is a wise part of any retirement savings strategy. Any money deposited to this special type of savings account can be used to buy securities (stocks, bonds, mutual funds, GIC’s and more) and grow without being subject to income tax until the funds are withdrawn. This would typically begin at retirement when one’s income is substantially lower and would therefore have a lower income tax rate. The idea is that until retirement the money inside the plan would grow much faster when one doesn’t have to worry about taking any tax off the top from year to year.

But what happens if someone wants to use that money before they retire?

Ideally, investors should be very cautious if they are considering removing any funds from their plan before retirement. However, sometimes investors may encounter unforeseen situations such as unemployment, disability, or other emergencies that will require an infusion of cash. If that is the case, then taking funds out of the plan may be necessary.

RRSP Withdrawals are Subject to Withholding Tax

The first thing that every investor should know is that RRSP withdrawals are subject to a withholding tax. …

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Water Heater Draining

There’s nothing that beats a hot bath or shower at the end of a long, hard day. For this you can thank your water heater. These helpful appliances sit in your garage, closet or other location and silently heat water using gas or electricity for your bidding. The water heater connects to your home’s fresh water supply so that as soon as the water inside is used, it’s immediately filled again and the heating process starts all over.

Water heater draining is an important maintenance task that should be done occasionally to help flush out the sediment inside your water heater.

Shut Off the Heater

The first thing to do when it comes time for water heater draining is to shut off the power for the water heater. Most water heaters are either powered by electricity or gas (unless you’re living off the grid and using solar). To cut the power for a gas water heater, you will simply need to turn off the gas supply valve. This will cut the gas supply and turn off the heater. The easiest way to turn off an electric water heater is by cutting the power at the main circuit breaker. Inside your …

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How Gadgets Can Enhance Your Lifestyle?

There has been a huge change in the modern-day lifestyle as your life is driven mostly by technologies. There are different types of gadgets that have made your life super easy and you can now become even ‘smarter’. Yes, the new era is of smart gadgets, whether it is your phone, microwave oven, television or refrigerator. Do you want to know how smart and advanced gadgets can make your life easy? Such gadgets have made your household tasks simple and you get more time to do something fruitful and creative. Technology is changing every day and new gadgets are replacing the old one. If you want to stay updated and make your life smoother, you can use different types of gadgets. No, let’s find out how the latest gadgets can make your life simpler. Read on to know more-

  1. Sleep in a Super Bed

How about sleeping in a bed that can control your sleeping pattern and does everything to make you feel comfortable? Yes, there are smart beds that keep your feet warm in the winter days and also control your snoring habit. By adjusting your head height, this bed can control your snoring habit and you can …

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Desynchronizing the Rat Race Time Travel

Caught between two worlds
A long con of a card game
That appeared to be a speed bump
More than a continuing spinning top
Running extremely fast around snails
Focused on their own lethargy
Setting the ground and both feet on fire
Smelling burnt dirt and feeling large cuts
In both heels along with the wear of travel
Only to realize that the trip leads to the beginning
Not the end of the rusty yellow brick road
There’s no special wizard rewarding those who enter
And those willing to continue onto the next fork in the street
After such lack of instant gratification
The decision can go one of two ways: give up or fight
Time to decide which way to go that will lead to happiness,
Or the best alternative substitute that’s subject to debate.…

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When Karaoke Singers Attack

When I first started going regularly to karaoke shows, my family and some of my friends weren’t thrilled.


“Why do you want to go to a bar? It’s just a place full of drunks!” they would say, as a gentle way to suggest I shouldn’t go every week.

“You could get hurt!” they would warn, as visions of barroom brawls straight out of Clint Eastwood films filled their heads.

“Don’t forget to wear sunblock!” they would add.

No, wait, that’s what they said when I went to the beach. The point is, they didn’t much like my hobby. I’m a tiny, tiny, woman (see previous articles), and they were convinced I would be beaten to a bloody pulp some Saturday night.

I went to the same bar every weekend for eighteen months, and I only witnessed two fights. Maybe I was just in a good neighborhood … maybe I was just lucky … maybe I have magical powers that promote peace and harmony … who knows? The first altercation was between two friends. She thought he was being a rude pig (he was). He thought she was overreacting (she was). A drink was hurled, a bottle was thrown … …

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